Don’t settle for cheap materials and poor soakwell installations that will have to be replaced after a few short years, ruining your reputation as a builder.

Guaranteed Quality Soakwells at competitive prices from Soakwells Perth Metro

As a builder, you take pride in your work. You build houses to last and expect your contractors to adhere to the same high standards as you do. You expect the best materials available to be used in construction and the workmanship to be excellent. You also expect competitive prices – You have to operate with a tight profit margin and you expect that from your contractors.

Your biggest nightmare is being lumped with a poor quality soakwells and installation that fails within a short time, giving you the headache of digging it up and replacing it.


Soakwells Perth Metro Supply and Install quality Soakwells at competitive prices and we back up our products with an unbeatable, industry leading 25-year guarantee!