Before hiring a soakwell expert in Perth you should do your homework to ensure you get the best, most cost-effective solution. Here are some questions you may have:

Your Questions on Installing Soakwells in Perth Answered!


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By law, homeowners in Western Australia have a legal obligation to confine any stormwater run-off within the boundaries of their property. Soakwells are the most efficient way to do this, but specific regulations regarding soakwells vary from place to place with some councils recommend them, while others have no policy on them.

If you allow stormwater to run into your neighbour’s property, you could be issued with a non-compliance order by the council and even worse, you can be legally liable for any damage to their property, including the foundations to their home caused by that water runoff.

Visit our Shire Regulations page for information on the requirements of your local council

A soakwell will not only protect you from liability for damage to your neighbour’s property, it will protect your own home from expensive water damage. A soakwell is a valuable investment and essential for any home owner who wants the value of their home to continue appreciating.

Whether you choose a concrete or PVC soakwell depends on your specific application – the soil type, how much room you have and your personal preference. Traditionally, soakwells were made of concrete as it is strong, but new improvements in the manufacture of PVC have made it a viable alternative.

While concrete soakwells remain stronger, PVC soakwells are able to withstand over 27 tonnes of pressure per m2, so they are well and truly strong enough to put under your driveway or other high traffic areas. They are also more efficient than concrete soakwells, draining 50% faster, so they are well suited for small areas, where you cannot fit a concrete soakwell.

Some people will tell you that you need one soakwell or more per downpipe, but this is a generalisation – it really varies according to things like the size of your roof (so the volume of water that will run through the downpipe, the soil type and the basic size and layout of your block.

There is a general rule, that each 130 litre soakwell can service an estimated 10 sqm of impermeable area in sandy soil.


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