Unfortunately, not all soakwell experts in Perth are focused on quality installations. When your soakwell does not function properly, have it repaired, before it causes costly damage to your house or a neighbour’s property.

We can repair your faulty soakwells and get them working properly in no time!

Soakwells that do not function properly are a danger to your property and your neighbour’s property. The cost of repairing water damage to your home and mould remediation far outweigh a small investment to ensure your soakwells will function properly.

Some contractors sadly use poor quality materials in the installation of soakwells, causing them to collapse and not function properly. If a soakwell is not properly installed, taking the soil type into account, they can fill with sand and debris, dramatically reducing the capacity of the soakwell.

Corrosion around the soakwell site and overflowing water during a rainstorm are common signs of a failing soakwell. It can be caused by missing geotextile lining, low quality products or that the contractor miscalculated the stormwater volume and the soakwell capacity is insufficient.

Soakwells Perth Metro will fix your soakwell problems properly.

We are practical people and we’re here for the long term. So we’re not going to recommend a replacement if we can fix the problem in a more cost effective way. will properly assess the situation and find the root cause of the damage and provide you with the best, most cost-effective solution, that doesn’t compromise quality. We can address the following issues:

Stormwater Piping
  • Clean soakwells
  • Service soakwells
  • Repair or replace broken soakwell lids
  • Replace poorly made collapsing soakwells
  • Replace broken or damaged downpipe channel grates
  • Replace sagging driveway paving.

Soakwells Perth Metro Supply and Install quality Soakwells at competitive prices and we back up our products with an unbeatable, industry leading 25-year guarantee!

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